Find Short Sale Realtor

If you’ve fallen behind on mortgage payments and your bank or lending institution has instituted foreclosure proceedings, don’t give up hope.  You still have options, one of them being getting your bank’s agreement to sell your home for less than the remaining balance due on the mortgage. This is what is known as a short sale. For any foreclosure problem, MD Short Sale is a perfect choice to assist with a short sale in Maryland.

A short sale is a contract between you and the lender wherein the lender accepts less than the full payoff amount to settle the mortgage balance. These agreements require many negotiations between different people. That is why it is very important to have an expert Short Sale Realtor on your side throughout the whole process.

The reason why most people go for quick sales of their properties is because they need money urgently. It is therefore advised that before you put up your house for sale, you must have considered your personal financial situation. Do not sell your house hastily only to regret your actions later on.

The short sale real estate agent will also help you provide your hardship letter to your lender. This letter outlines in detail why you had problems making your mortgage payments and being able to bring those payments current. They will also help you assemble all the proper paperwork to back up your hardship with proof through tax returns or pay stubs.

Your short sale realtor can list the property for sale at a fair price considering the circumstances. They will also negotiate with any potential buyers and their agents on your behalf. While most aspects of short sales occur, just like any other real estate sale, there are differences. This is another reason why you have to find a realtor that has success in successfully handling short sale transactions.

It can take a little bit of time and work to find a short sale expert. You can either find them through your state’s real estate commission website, or by searching online doing a general search. Realtors who specialize in short sales also know how to work with attorneys in your area to help facilitate the process. Some experts are also designated certified distressed property experts. That means they have completed additional course work in short sales and foreclosure prevention.

If you are finding yourself facing foreclosure, know that there are solutions available to prevent a foreclosure from happening. One such solution is a short sale.  The first step you should take is to consult with a certified or experienced short sale real estate agent in your area. Be sure to verify the agent’s real estate license information before you undertake working with them on this important matter.

Consider a short sale of your home to help prevent foreclosure.  This will also assist you in saving your credit in the future.  Short sale realtors are experienced in dealing with this situation and can make a bad situation, much better.